Synopsis om sprogtilegnelse

Opgaven er kvalitetssikret af redaktionen på Læ
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Synopsis om sprogtilegnelse

En synopsis i engelsk om sprogtilegnelse (”Language acquisition seen from a communicative point of view) med eksempler på undervisning.

Formulation of the problem:

What influence does learning style and learning strategy have on the acquisition of a second language?
How can knowledge of learning style and strategy help to develop the language awareness and attention?


Formulation of the problem:
The communicative point of view:
Learning style and strategy:
Language awareness and attention


According to “The purpose for the subject English” from the Danish department of Education, the teaching has to develop the students' awareness about the English language and language acquisition. In § 2 the focus is put on the students active co-operation, which is one of the focus points in the communicative way of teaching. In my future position as a teacher in English I have to consider how I am going to provide the students with “tools” for use in their acquisition of the English language. I see the acquisition of a language as a unified whole with influence from many factors, but in this synopsis my focus will be the use of English as a “tool” for communication in different contexts and how the students become aware of their own learning process. In this synopsis I will give an account of the primary in teaching a second language from a communicative pint of view. I will also give an account of the theories behind learning style and learning strategy, and how the students' knowledge about the different styles and strategies can help them with their learning process, in which they are developing their language awareness and attention, bought in the classroom and in their future use of the English language.

The communicative point of view:
The central part in teaching from a communicative point of view is that one learns a language by engaging in a meaningful content and by using the language in interaction between people1. It is through a meaningful communication that the learners become involved in the teaching process and this involvement and the learners' active co-operation fulfill “ The purpose for the subject English”. But in the modern pedagogic we know that what is meaningful for one person not necessarily is meaningful for the next person. Two learners can have different qualifications and therefore different... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Synopsis om sprogtilegnelse

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