Undervisningsforløb om kultur i engelsksprogede lande

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Undervisningsforløb om kultur i engelsksprogede lande

Opgave i engelsk med en beskrivelse og overvejelser af et undervisningsforløb om kultur i engelsksprogede lande.

We have chosen to work with five different countries and their cultures (England, Canada, Australia, South Africa and Scotland). We want to give the students a feeling of actually visiting the countries, so that it is not only about facts but also is a fun experience to learn about other countries and their culture.
Our plan is that the students learn not only from their teacher but also each other.


How do children learn according to Howard Gardner
L essonplan”
1. Week
2. Week
7. Week


We want the students to create a travel agency where the teacher is the manager. Here the students will bee employees who are sent out in the world to explore different countries, what the attractions are how the culture is and something about the history of the countries. When they bare out exploring the countries they will have to send postcards to the manager of the travel agency (the teacher). As an introduction we will send all the students to the same country (England), but in groups, so they all have an idea of what to do when they are sent to their own country. The groups will have different topics.
When they have finished their work on England, the students will be sent out in expert groups so they can share their knowledge and are forced to participate in the group... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Undervisningsforløb om kultur i engelsksprogede lande

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