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Canada i engelsk | Undervisningsforløb

The semester assignment contains a section about Canada and the country's history, politics, geography, culture and a section about why we should teach culture in Danish schools and how we can develop intercultural competence and how learning about Canada can be a help to that. The last section in the assignment contains an education program for one of the older classes about Canada.


Introduction p. 2
About Canada p. 2
Why should we teach culture in Danish schools? p. 5
Teaching Plan p. 6
Other possibilities p. 7
An in-depth look at the 2nd week p. 7
Conclusion p. 9
Literature p. 10


If America is Gods country, Canada is the Paradise!
We have chosen to write the semester assignment B. We had to choose a country, a political event or something that had happened in the history, which we thought was interesting. Whatever we chose we should make an education program about.
We have chosen to write about Canada because it was the one country that really caught our interest when we made student presentations in our English lessons.
Canada is a multicultural country. The nation is divided in two, one part speaks English and one part speaks French as their mother tongue. The country has a fascinating history. Canada is also interesting because we think that the country is a bit neglected, it is always the USA that is mentioned, when people talk about North America.
To be international and to talk with people from all over the world, it is a good idea to learn about other countries and their culture and being able to speak different languages. That is what gives us the special talent called an intercultural competence.

About Canada
Canada is a federal state with ten provinces and three territories. The form of governance is parliamentary and the prime minister is head of government.
The border regions are USA to the south and north-west (Alaska), and Greenland to the north-east. The western border is outlined by the Pacific Ocean, while the Atlantic Ocean defines the eastern border. The Artic Ocean sets the northern boundary. Canada is the second largest country in the world, and English is spoken by the majority of the inhabitants. In the province of Quebec, though, the main language is French and officially the country is bilingual... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Canada i engelsk | Undervisningsforløb

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