Big City Life | Exam paper

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  • 26-04-2007

Eksamensopgave: Big City Life | Exam paper

Besvarelse af Big City Life. En opgave fra det skriftelige eksamenssæt i engelsk i maj 2005 på læreruddannelsen.

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Task A - A1:
Task B – B2:
The world according to David Foster


Task A - A1:

Just recently I went on a field trip together with my English class. The destination was Edinburgh - the capital of Scotland. I have never been to Edinburgh before - or to Scotland for that matter. But I have been to other European capitals like Copenhagen, Oslo and London. Those experiences have probably made me a bit prejudiced concerning Big City Life. But I was really taken by surprise …

In my head living in a big city will of course mean access to a large cultural diversity, undreamt-of shopping possibilities, historic places and many events - but at the same time Big City Life also has a ring of less flattering words such as stress, crime, pollution, noise, long queues and poor people packed away in ghettos....


Task B – B2:
The world according to David Foster

“A photographic Portrait” – he called it, the little foppish photographer. All right then, let him have his picture but just don't expect me to smile and grimace at his command. And why me, if I may ask? There's nothing special about me … or perhaps that's what he wants – a Mr. Nobody and his corny corner shop. So he can laugh at me and tell everyone what an interesting and exciting life he has got. Get a real job!... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Big City Life | Exam paper

  • 17-11-2008
    flot og flydende engelsk :) rigtig god opgave til at få nogle ideer