Besvarelse af skriftlig eksamen i engelsk 2004

Opgaven er kvalitetssikret af redaktionen på Læ
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Eksamensopgave: Besvarelse af skriftlig eksamen i engelsk 2004

Besvarelse af opgavesættet fra skriftlig eksamen i engelsk år 2004.

Handler om "Multimedia Mania?" og "The Bird-Brained Bill"


The world has changed since I grew up. Today children spend 6-7 hours every day being the user of some kind of media. That leaves several important questions for us teachers. What kind of media do they use and why? Is it important for the children to be conscious of the influence by the media? Is the influence only negative? And what must we teach them?

When I was born back in 1966, my family did not have a telephone. We did not need it because we hardly knew anyone who had a phone. Today everybody has at least one phone.
And a telephone is not just a mean of verbal communi-cation anymore; in the post-modern society the mobile phone provides communica-tion at several levels even without actually using it to make a call. Having a phone is not enough anymore, it is the type of phone you have, the model and its function, the ringing tone that communi-cates who you are, and that you are.

When I turned 14, my parent gave me a stereo.
Today 6 year-old children have their own ghetto blaster and music CDs made for and by children. Music for children and teenagers is an advertisers. The higher the ratings of a show the higher the numbers and price of commercials... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Besvarelse af skriftlig eksamen i engelsk 2004

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