Blue Cat | Læremiddelanalyse

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  • Den Frie Lærerskole i Ollerup
  • 2002
  • 26-01-2012

Blue Cat | Læremiddelanalyse

Beskrivelse af Blue Cat bogsystemet.


The author's intentions:
Communicative skills:
Language and language usage:
Language acquisition:
Culture and social conditions:
Teaching methods and techniques
The Direct Method
The audio-Lingual Method
Communicative Language Teaching
Multiple Intelligences
Our own comments


Y Blue Cat applies to different activities. Besides dialogs, songs, poems and rhymes it also includes reading and understanding exercises.

Y The book is divided into fifteen chapters each chapter covers different subjects.

o Home again
o Shopping
o Taking off – on holiday
o Greetings from the USA – Manhattan, New York
o Halloween
o Christmas

• Next to every section the narrator has chosen to place logo describing what kind of activity the students can perform.

o Text (starting point)
o Song
o Rhyme or poem
o Listening activity o In “my own book” o In “teacher's book”

Y Blue Cat alternates between coloured and black/white sites – WHY?

Y It also introduces the students to the difference between English and American language and a small insight in some American festivals that are different from the Danish culture. (E.g... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Blue Cat | Læremiddelanalyse

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