Cultural aspect i engelsk

Opgaven er kvalitetssikret af redaktionen på Læ
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Cultural aspect i engelsk

English semester assignment about the cultural aspect i England – About a boy by Nick Hornby.

Problem statement:
1. An analysis of modern life in Britain mainly based on the novel About a Boy and articles by Anthony Giddens

2.Why emphasise the cultural aspect in fremmedsprogsundervisningen?

3. Evaluation


Will is one of the two main characters in the novel. He is a modern guy in his late thirties. He is rich, he is single and he has no children. Will cares about material things and about dating lots of women. He soon finds out that this single parents club SPAT is a convenient place to catch women without getting too involved. He invents a son for himself as a tool to gain all the single mothers' trust and empathy. Through SPAT Will meets Suzie and through her the twelve year old Marcus, who is the other main character, and his mother Fiona. Marcus has a difficult time at home and in school. Fiona has tried to kill herself and Marcus thinks that Will is the solution to all his troubles. When he finds out that Will is not the single father as he has claimed to be, he starts turning up at Will's which becomes the beginning of a remarkable friendship.

The funny thing is, had Will been an ordinary adult he could probably not have taught Marcus anything about being a kid. He would probably not have let Marcus intrude his life in the first place. But as their relationship grows it turns out that both of them knows something about life that the other part can benefit from....


I think the novel tells a lot about what we are supposed to do living a modern British life.
As a reader I'm made aware of the fact that I'm not allowed to be too different from the crowd.
To me Marcus represents a minority. He looks different and he acts different. Students and teachers mock him in school both. Things are not better for him added that he has a depressed and suicidal mother who is not capable of helping him being a boy. He's a very thoughtful boy in many ways.
He seems to be aware of what truly means something. "Even though what they were talking about was miserable, Marcus was enjoying the conversation. It seemed big as though you could walk round it and see different things, and that never happened when you talked to kids normally. 'Did you see top of the Pops last night?' There wasn't much to think about in that, was there?"3

In the end of the novel it turns out that Marcus has to adjust to fit in which again tells something about how society works. Whether that is a good or a bad ending is not up to me to decide. It's obvious, however, that finally being able to let go of pleasing his mother and worrying about her all... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Cultural aspect i engelsk

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