A Christmas Carol i engelskundervisningen

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Lærerfaglig analyse: A Christmas Carol i engelskundervisningen

Semesteropgave om "A Christmas Carol" skrevet af Charles Dickens.

Problem statement:
Why choose to work with Dickens at all? - and why,”A Christmas Carol”, a book first published in 1843, does it hold any relevance to pupils in the Danish Folkeskole today!!???


1.0 Charles Dickens' time and authorship
2.0 Analyse of the novel
2.1 Organization of the text
2.2 Summary
2.3 Characterizations
2.3.1 Scrooge
2.3.2 Fred
2.3.3 Bob Cratchit
2.3.4 Tiny Tim
2.3.5 Ghosts
2.4 Themes and symbols
3.0 “The original” contra “The easy reader”
4.0 Didactic considerations



We, of course started with a notion that it did, and working with this assignment have only
strengthened our conception, that this book is absolutely suitable to be used in

The great number of WebPages about Charles Dickens indicates that he is as popular as ever, and the fact that he is still read today, almost 200 years after his birth, establish that Dickens is an author that reaches beyond his own time and place. A Christmas Carol, which seems to be the most loved of all his works, have been made into screen versions and theatre plays numerous times. We will in the following look into, the universe of Dickens, and give a brief overview of his time and his authorship. Then present an analysis of the novel “A Christmas Carol”, with the focus on, characters, themes and symbols. We will then look at the benefits/disadvantages of choosing an easy reader before the original text. And finally we will propose how the novel could be used in English class in Folkeskolen.


2.0 Analyse of the novel
2.1 Organization of the text
Charles Dickens begins a Christmas carol with a short introduction about his endeavours
to the book, and signs as “their faithful friend and servant”.
The text is divided into five sections, which in the book are named staves. The staves are
each titled differently. The staves are similar to chapters in a book, as each stave has its
own act.
Stave 1: Marley's ghost.
Stave 2: The first ghost of the three spirits.
Stave 3: The second ghost of the three spirits.
Stave 4: The last ghost of the three spirits.
Stave 5: The end of it.
The first stave is telling the reader where the story is taking place, which people are
involved, and their social circumstances. The second, third and firth stave are each about
the meetings between the main character Scrooge and the three different ghosts, who... Køb adgang for at læse mere

A Christmas Carol i engelskundervisningen

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