4 diskussionstemaer til engelsk eksamen

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Synopsis: 4 diskussionstemaer til engelsk eksamen

Opgaven indeholder 4 diskussionstemaer som skal afleveres inden en engelsk eksamen.
Den giver et godt indblik i de 4 dimensioner man som engelsk lærerstuderende skal have fokus på inden eksamen.

English Module 1: Cultural and social studies in EFL

English Module 2: Language acquisition

English Module 3: The structure and usage of English

English Module 4: EFL teaching perspectives on learning materials

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God disposition med fokus på lærerens opgave i engelsk undervisning


English Module 1: Cultural and social studies in EFL

The focus on foreign language teaching has traditionally been concentrated on the 4 skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. But because of the increasing globalization and the growing focus on words like world citizen and intercultural competences, a fifth skill being the cultural aspect has been introduced to the EFL classroom.

It is clearly stated in the National Guidelines for English, that: “The teaching should include subjects which enlightens how people think and lives in the English speaking world, this way the pupils can become confidential with their own culture in cohesion to other cultures. Through this the pupils gain possibilities to develop their understanding for people with different cultural backgrounds, as well as preparing them for a life in a global community.”(The ministry of education “The National guidelines for English” 2009)

How to successfully plan a foreign language teaching sequence, which helps the students requiring intercultural competences, seems to be a great challenge for a lot of teachers, and therefore I wish to give my suggestions on how to do it.

4 diskussionstemaer til engelsk eksamen

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