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Eksamensopgave om Howard Gardner og competence

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Uddannelse Lærerstuderende 4. år Fag Engelsk Karakter Godkendt Antal sider 17 Antal ord 7133 Filformat PDF
Uddannelsessted Haderslev Statsseminarium Produktionsår 2004 Udgivelsesdato 12-04-2004
Eksamensopgave om Howard Gardner og competence

Eksamensopgave om Howard Gardner og competence

Engelsk mundtlig eksamensopgave om communicative and intercultural competence og det didaktisk tema: læringsstile.

I eksamensopgaven kommer jeg ind på Howard Gardner.

Introduction 1
1.1 Language teaching in a historical perspective 1
1.2 How languages are learned 2
First language learning 2
Second language learning 2
1.3 Summary 4
2 The national guidelines 5
3.1 In the classroom 5
Learning styles 6
3.2 The Multiple Intelligences principle 6
The theory 6
Identifying the pupils’ intelligence profiles 7
Teaching according to the individual profiles 7
3.3 Applying the learning styles 8
An example of diversity 8
An example of task-based learning 10
Conclusion 11
N otes 1 2
Bibliography 13
Appendices 14

Differentiated teaching is a major didactic area, and in the Danish Folkeskole Act it has a high priority.
A teacher can differentiate according to learners’ readiness, interests and learning profile. I have chosen the last aspect as the main theme for this assignment. It appears that more and more schools adapt to the learning style concept based on Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences principle, and therefore I find knowledge of this theory very relevant.

Questions raised in this paper:
An important question for the language teacher is of course, how are languages learned? I will try to answer this question by relating to recent linguistic research. Furthermore, I will offer some answers to the questions, what are learning styles, and how can this didactic concept be applied in the classroom? The focus will be on Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences principle.... [læs mere nu]

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